Salty Sea Sisters began in 2020 from the belief that through encouragement and connection, women could be inspired to try new things and gain the confidence to actively pursue adventure.



Community is at the very core of Salty Sea Sisters. We honestly believe that everything is easier with the right people by your side which is why it is our ultimate goal to connect you with your tribe, introducing you to like-minded women that lift your soul and encourage your pursuit for adventure. We actively encourage connection, meeting-up and reaching out, embracing vulnerability, and striving for connection.


Support is a fundamental salty principle to feeling valued, which is why we strive to do as much as we can to help you on your journey to connect and find your people. We want you to feel supported and valued which is we have created our free Tribe Finder, share your salty stories, and host our own free meet-ups.

Encourage and Empower

Women are capable and powerful, and we want to encourage and empower you to believe in yourself, build your self-esteem and self-belief, stand strong in who you, pursue your goals, and give things a go.


Adventure is for everybody and every body, and we want to create an environment where females feel supported and encouraged to actively pursue adventure in the outdoors.

Fun & Free

Above it all, your journey should be fun, which is why we value community over competition, cups of tea after swims, encouraging words in the surf, and the joy of doing what we love together.

Wild & Kind

We encourage expression, personality and vibrancy lead from a place of kindess and respect.

Integrity & Heart centered

We strive to live with integrity and lead from the heart

Brave, Courageous & Vulnerable

It takes courage to reach out, show up and try new things, which is why bravery and vulnerability is at the center of what we do.

Accountable & Self Aware

We are constantly learning and striving to do better, holding ourselves accountable for our actions and continually growing from a place of love.

Sharing our Stories

It is through our stories and lived experiences that we learn, grow, laugh and connect which is why we love to hear and share your words and tales of adventure,, connection and kindness.


We love our home planet, and every decision we make has our environmental impact at its core. We work to reduce our impact, share solutions and embrace regenerative practices.


Finally, we adventure togetherness.

We take a lot of pride in this community and hope you find you’re kindred spirits. 


Seeking Adventure Learning Together