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SSS Birthday Festival - Weekend Camping

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Join us for a weekend of celebration at the rugged and wonderful Fairhead on the north coast of Northern Ireland. The event will take place from Friday evening, September 9th until Sunday midday with a host of activities including a market, yoga, wild swimming among others. Come and celebrate with your SSS tribe!

Note that by purchasing this ticket you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. Tickets are non-refundable.

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Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a ticket, the ticket holder agrees to the terms and conditions stated below, breach of which shall result in the ticket holder being refused entry or removed from the event.

∞ Entry to the event shall only be permitted if the ticket holder has a valid ticket and proof of identification.

∞ No person under the age of 18 years old shall be permitted entry.

∞ All tickets are non-refundable. Only in the event the event is cancelled before the event date will the promoter refund the ticket price minus the booking fee.

∞ No duplicate tickets will be issued in the event of loss.

∞ This ticket is issued subject to the rules and regulations of the site owners, operators and management.

∞ The event location is a working farm, and as such ticket holders must maintain due care and consideration for their own safety, and the safety of others around them at all times, within the event site.

∞ Overall responsibility for the ticket holder’s safety and wellbeing rests ultimately with the ticket holder, who shall ensure, amongst other things, suitable clothing, camping, and accessibility needs, having due consideration for the event location and seasonal time of the year, taking into account applicable weather conditions, your own physical health and fitness, and those of others around you.

∞ The event is a predominantly outdoor event and ticket holders are advised to ensure they are prepared for the weather conditions and potential muddy or wet ground conditions.

∞ By purchasing a ticket, the ticket holder agrees to take responsibility for the dangers and restrictions associated with attending an event outdoors and/or in open water, and you agree to waive, release and discharge the Salty Sea Sisters from any and all legal liability associated therewith.

∞ Neither the promoter Salty Sea Sisters nor its contractors and/or volunteers shall be held responsible or liable for any acts of negligence, breach of these conditions, or wilful misconduct caused or contributed to by the ticket holder, and the ticket holder accepts that admission to the site and event areas are at their own risk.

∞ Salty Sea Sisters reserve the right to refuse entry of or remove any ticket holder to/from the event site.

∞ Salty Sea Sisters reserve the right to search any person, vehicle or personnel belongings entering the site.

∞ The Salty Sea Sisters and its agents will not be held liable for any loss or damage caused to any ticket holders’ property whilst within the event site areas including the car parking areas or others considered to be part of the event.

∞ Ticket holders camping at the event must camp within the areas marked out for tents in each campsite. Should any tents be found to be pitched in any area outside of their plot or in any position which could compromise event safety, they may be moved or removed

∞ Ticket holders from two bubbles based on government guidelines may share a tent.

∞ Ticket holders may not enter other patrons tents at any stage.

∞ No assistance shall be provided by event staff in setting up tents.

∞ Attendees must take all belongings home after the event.

∞ Socially distant queues will be enforced at hygiene and toilet areas.

∞ Ticket holders will be required to use hand sanitiser units at different stations on entry to barn, bell tent, campsites, and toilets.

∞ The use of face masks is mandatory in the barn area, bell tent and toilets. Everywhere else on site, masks are optional.

∞ These guidelines are subject to change depending on the government health & safety guidelines at the time of the event. Attendees will be notified should changes be made.

∞ Social distancing shall be in operation and ticket holders shall adhere to festival guidelines regarding social distancing.

∞ Attendees and their bubbles will be required to sit in groups up to a maximum of 6 people each and use pre-marked viewing spots at performance areas to enforce social distancing.

∞ Any ticket holder with medical conditions are strongly advised to declare these to event staff in advance of the event. Any needles or syringes must be declared to security at search where medical staff will establish if they are for a legitimate medical condition. Please bring any form of medical certificates etc. to help this process.

∞ In the event of a covid-19 related emergency at the event, details of attendees can be shared with the governments track and trace team if required.

∞ Except for registered Guide Dogs, no animals are permitted onto the site.

∞ Disabled Persons requiring access to reserved camping locations must let event staff know before the event.

∞ Ticket holders may bring alcohol into the campsites but are restricted to either 12 cans or 1ltr plastic bottle of spirits.

∞ Water may be brought into the festival site but it must be in a sealed container.

∞ No glass bottles whatsoever are permitted onto site.

∞ The following prohibited items are not permitted onto the festival site:
Any offensive weapons including
- Any blade (including pen knives)
- Any tools (bar rubber tent peg mallets)
- Glass objects (including drinks)
- Fireworks, Smoke Canisters or Pyrotechnics/flares
- Sound Equipment that may cause an annoyance
- Any item or object which is deemed to cause a potential health and safety risk

∞ Any illegal items (including drugs) being brought onto site will be seized by PSNI and the person whose possession it was in will be arrested and prosecuted.

∞ Open fires are not permitted anywhere within the festival site. Anybody caught doing so may be removed from the site without refund.

∞ For patrons with campervans, we are not responsible for providing any fire safety equipment to individuals for individual Campervans. Please bring your own firefighting equipment.

∞ Any ticket holder found to be undertaking in antisocial behaviour, including public disorder, drunkenness, crowd surfing, moshing may be removed from the event without refund.

∞ The owners and event organisers reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any point when considering public health and safety and smooth operations.

Frequently asked questions


Who can attend?

∞ This will be a mixed event – any person over the age of 18 can attend.

∞ This is an adult only event. Unfortunately we won’t have facilities for children at this event but we will endeavour to accommodate for children and families in future.

Can I come alone?

∞ Yes, absolutely! Come alone, make friends – that’s what the SSS community is all about.


Will there be toilets?

∞Yes, we will have portaloos available on-site though no showering facilities.

Will there be parking?

∞ Yes, but limited so we encourage car pooling. You will be assigned an arrival timeslot to help with parking congestion.

Can I bring my campervan?

∞ Yes, campervans are permitted but no caravans and there is no electrical hook-up.

Will the BBQ accommodate for dietary requirements?

∞We will aim to cater for your dietary requirements, all attendees will be required to complete a preference/requirement form in advance of the event.


Will there be a limit on the number of tickets I can purchase?

∞Yes, tickets are limited to 6 per transaction.

Can I come to part, but not all of the event?

∞Yes of course, but a full ticket must be purchased



∞ We will send out a form for everyone to complete in advance of the event to get a better gauge on food requirements, number of cars, etc.

∞ We will also send an info pack with directions, arrival instructions, plan for the event and all other details.