Sister of Wild is a community app by SSS

Sister of Wild

Sister of Wild is community app designed to connect women and share experiences.

We have called this community "Sister of Wild" to include a wider range of activity types.

Sister of Wild has three key areas:




(1) Community 

Every person on Sister of Wild will have their own profile, in which they can tell others a bit more about themselves, upload a profile pic, link their social media accounts, and direct message each other. Each memeber can set their "Interest" and "Location",  which will automatically filter them towards others of similar interests and nearby locations.  

(2) Connection

The "Home Feed" will consistently update with new posts and conversations between members. These conversations are further filtered into categorgies, which can be found in the "Forum" section. 

There is also a  "Groups & Tribes" section which we actively encourage you to join, and maybe even attend one of their meet-up’s, and there is an "Events" section where you will find information to some free events of our own, plus information to our festival which we hold once a year,

(3) Support

We want to provide you with as much love and support as possible to get involved  so you feel comfortable to try new things. This is why we have created our "Workshops & Podcasts" section in which you will have access to introductory classes, including surfing, skating and yoga. We hope to increase this library as our community grows, adding stories of encouragement, kindness and connection.

We take a lot of pride in this community and hope you find you’re enjoy it.


We are the feral ones.
The undomesticated.
The untamed.